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Soul herbs are a Divine order to heal.  Soul herbs are Divine blessings that have the characteristics of herbs.  These Divine blessings contain the soul or essence of the herb(s).  If you could see a soul herb it might look like golden spinning balls of Divine Light with the pure essence of the herb vibrating at Divine frequency.  Soul herbs have Divine intelligence and know what formulation to use.   Soul herbs are Divine Light.  Divine Light heals and blesses.  Soul herbs are Divine souls and have soul power.  Similar to “mind over matter,” soul power is “soul over matter” and is more powerful than mind over matter.  The soul can heal and transform one’s life.  

When I invoke my transmission of soul herbs, the soul herbs vibrate with Divine frequency in your body. The Divine frequency of the soul herbs could help to remove the energy and spiritual blockages that are the root of the unhealthy condition.  Soul herbs help to clear the spaces in the body, the spaces between the organs and between the cells.  Clearing the spaces and allowing energy to flow restores the balance between the transformation of matter inside the cells and the energy and fluid outside the cells.  This restores health at a cellular level, which is most important for normal health.

 I have two transmissions of soul herbs with 24 herbs, including the 11 key herbs for Body Space Medicine.  Both of my soul herbs transmissions include the five herbs that are used in Dr. Zhi Chen Guo’s four quantum formulas for all illnesses.  (Note:  the herbs used in Body Space Medicine can be soul herbs or physical herbs; I only use soul herbs.)   Dr. Guo’s fourth quantum formula is for healing communicable diseases such as AIDS, SARS, bird flu, etc.  Dr. Guo states, “Use quantum herbs to prevent, heal, bless, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform soul, mind, and body.”  Dr. Guo, who recently spoke before the United Nations, was credited by the Chinese government for helping to contain the SARS epidemic in China.  

The beauty of soul herbs is that they are a subdivided aspect of the Divine and have Divine intelligence, so they know the optimum combination and quantities for each person’s condition.  So when I invoke my soul herbs transmission(s), I just request that the most appropriate formulation be used. 

Permanent Transmission to You

Soul herbs can be given as a temporary blessing or a permanent blessing.  I can use one of my soul herbs transmissions to give you a permanent blessing of soul herbs for one organ, condition, or illness.  The soul herbs formulation will include as many as 16 soul herbs.  These 16 soul herbs now include the five quantum herbs that Dr. Zhi Chen Guo indentifies in his new book, Body Space Medicine, as the four quantum herb formulas that will address all sicknesses.  Of one of the five quantum herbs,  Dr. Guo states “Huo Xiang is the secret herb for all communicable diseases, including AIDS.1”    Dr. Guo developed these four quantum herb formulas based on his 50 years of clinical practice.   Dr. Guo states, “Use quantum herbs to prevent, heal, bless, rejuvenate, prolong life, and transform soul, mind, and body.”  This is a permanent transmission for the rest of your life.   Then you can invoke the soul herbs when you need them.  When you invoke the soul herbs, you are using Dr. Sha’s connection to the Divine and you become the healer. 


Get one soul herbs permanent transmission for one organ, condition, or illness for $49, regular $99.  Or get two soul herbs transmissions for only $69, regular $198.  These transmission are given to you over the phone.  I will e-mail instructions to you on how to use the soul herbs.  If you are interested, then place an order.

1 Body Space Medicine, by Dr. Zhi Chen Guo, ISBN-10 1600230172, page 117.

DISCLAIMER:  I am a Divine Healer and the services that I offer are Divine healings and Divine blessings only.  In a healing session I call on my Divine transmissions which do the healing and blessings with their Divine power and frequency.  Soul Herbs are a Divine blessing.  Your results may be different from the testimonials.  I do not offer any medical services or medical advise.   If you need medical services, please see your physician.


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